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Professional Indemnity Insurance for Doctors

Doctor’s indemnity insurance policy can be taken by hospitals, individual physicians belonging to different areas of specialization, including the nursing staff and other technical and non-technical personnel’s working in a medical setting. The duration of doctor indemnity insurance scheme is typically 1 year, after which the policy can be renewed to avail protection against liabilities.

The premium rate are determined on the basis of:

  • Why do I need a Home Insurance?
    Buying a home insurance in India will provide you financial stability in the event of damage. In exchange for premium, the insurance company gives you assurance that they will take care of any losses like natural calamities, missile test damage, fire, burglary, etc that might occur due to damage to your property.
  • For how much time can I take the Policy?
    From a minimum of 3years to 30years.
  • What are the eligibility criteria to buy a home insurance?
    For Individuals - Any resident Indian who is the owner or occupant of the property For Society - Any authorized member of society's managing committee can buy policy to cover society building & common utilities.
  • Does the Insurance Policy covers "Rent Loss"?
  • What if I sell the property during the Insured Period?
    You can cancel the policy and take the proportionate premium back.


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